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New Talent Solutions, Green Bay, provides 21st Century recruiting to Wisconsin businesses of all sizes. We work with companies that are struggling to hire enough employees for current operations or are increasing their workforce. Unlike many employment agencies, New Talent Solutions incorporates psychology into its recruitment marketing techniques.

Recruiting Process in Wisconsin

New Talent Solutions creates and implements full-service recruitment strategies for Wisconsin companies:

  • Identify why employees value their employer and develop a strategy for reaching like-minded candidates
  • Write an effective job post, not a job description, as a “value proposition” that attracts the right applicants 
  • Capitalize on our recruitment skills and tools by cold calling, emailing, networking, and posting to social media and the internet 
  • Maintain a high-touch candidate journey in all stages of the hiring process, even candidates the client no longer wishes to consider
  • Understand that every candidate is a potential connection point to others in the community, so a positive candidate experience is a must
  • Offer full-service recruiting that includes sourcing, phone screenings, interview scheduling, background checks, offer letter, and other services

The New Talent Solutions Difference

Traditional placement agencies charge high fees to offset the cost of recruiters. New Talent Solutions is different. Plus, our flat-fee model significantly reduces the cost of talent acquisition. We recruit on your behalf at a fraction of the cost of traditional talent acquisition agencies. 

Contact us About your Staffing Needs

If you find yourself with hiring needs and no clear plan to fill those needs, you need New Talent Solutions. New Talent Solutions helps Wisconsin companies find the employees they need to serve customers, produce products, and remain competitive in the marketplace. Contact us to schedule an appointment, or give us a call and tell us about your staffing issues.

We partner long-term with exemplary businesses to market the business, hire, and retain employees.


• Internal & External Recruiting Strategies
• Referral Program Design
• Internship Design
• Direct Placement Recruiting


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