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Applications aren’t coming in fast enough? Candidates aren’t meeting the required skill set? We develop strategies to source candidates that are the right fit.  

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New Talent Solutions

Small to midsize businesses oftentimes get left behind in today’s competitive labor market. They simply don’t possess the talent management resources to recruit and hire effectively. As a result, they’re short-staffed and can’t keep up with customer demand. Productivity lags – and so do profits. Some of our favorite small to medium-sized businesses are closing due to staffing shortages.

New Talent Solutions wants to change all of that for businesses. We help companies find the best talent to fit their needs to eliminate production backlogs and improve profitability.


New Talent Solutions brings recruitment marketing to ALL organizations, regardless of size. Every client receives the same time, attention, and services. No picking from “leftover” candidates who didn’t cut it with the “big clients.”


Our innovative pricing structure maximizes results, yet keeps costs low. Clients choose the option that works: traditional placement fees of just 15% or flat monthly rates (tailored to suit small business or high turnover positions).


Nothing kills a company’s reputation like a lack of communication. We provide a superior candidate experience by maintaining communication with employers and job applicants, even those who aren’t a good fit.

Quick Turn-Around

New Talent Solution’s streamlined recruitment process eliminates bottlenecks that slow the hiring process. We review all job candidates within 2 business days, giving companies quick access to the right talent.

New Talent Solutions

New Talent Solutions, a Green Bay WI employee recruitment company, focuses on the importance of workplace culture and utilizes a recruitment marketing approach to find the right employees for businesses. Located in the historic Bellin Building in Downtown Green Bay, New Talent Solutions simplifies and accelerates the hiring process for Wisconsin companies of all sizes. With “Pay as You Go” or flat fees, New Talent Solutions makes employee recruitment affordable, especially for small businesses and high turnover roles.

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We partner long-term with exemplary businesses to market the business, hire, and retain employees.


• Internal & External Recruiting Strategies
• Referral Program Design
• Internship Design
• Direct Placement Recruiting


New Talent Solutions
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